Topic 4 Determining an action plan for Children’s Rights

This workshop brings together representatives of all stakeholders in a consortium to design and launch an action plan for joint interventions towards the promotion of Rights Based School Policy (RBSP).  A focus group meeting will be held with the coordinators from each participating organization.

Facilitator/ Participants

(Participants will)






Coordinators from stakeholder organization

  • Assess, fine tune and prioritize attainable tasks for the promotion of Children’s Rights within the consortium of stakeholders.
  • Formulate an action plan for the promotion of Children’s Rights for all children within and around the school community.
  • Launch activities towards the realisation of the action plan.


  • Computer and Projector
  • Powerpoint presentation with editable action plan templates.


3 hours

tasks, action plan, launch activities

  1. The facilitators present the first draft of the aim for the consortium. This aim can be none other than promoting Children’s Rights for all children in the community within and around school. This aim is discussed with all participants, clarified and finalized.
  2. Objectives are formulated to realise the aim. The SMART criteria are used to make sure that the objectives are Specific / Measurable/Attainable /Relevant/ Timely-in realistic time framework
  1. The facilitator and the promoters present a list of all the possible actions defined in the previous session by all stakeholders. This list includes (a) Name of the task (b) Description (c) Stakeholders involved.
  2. Participants discuss the list, filter relevant and irrelevant tasks, making sure that each task is clearly defined and attainable. The facilitator asks participants to reorganize, if necessary, the list by prioritizing the tasks. Deadlines are set making sure that they are realistic. An additional column is added on the table to fill in the deadlines.
  3. The discussion is then focused on ensuring that the consortium has all the necessary resources to complete the tasks. An extra column is added for resources required. The leading partner should determine if this resource is available within the consortium or it needs to be obtained from outside.  The discussion should therefore include budgeting issues.  External sponsors could be identified and a plan to reach them must be defined.
  4. The facilitators will be recording the tasks and use them to develop a visualization of the action plan. This could be in the form of a flowchart, a diagram, a Gantt chart or a table that everyone can understand at a glance.
  5. The facilitators present the visualization and summarize all necessary steps that need to be taken. Responsibilities are clearly allocated.
  6. A follow up session is set in one month to reflect, evaluate and if necessary, redefine the action plan.

Visit the webpage above to learn more on how to present an Action plan