Topic 5 Evaluate and redefine the action plan

Teachers, students, parents and other community stakeholders engaged in the RBSP process will utilize data gathered by the methods that will be decided during this workshop to ensure that the activities are fulfilled and to decide further course of action. Tools and methods designed in this workshop will be used throughout the following stages of the project in regular time intervals to facilitate reflection and optimization of the process. This meeting may be held, ideally, before the launch of the action plan or, if this is not possible, shortly after.

Facilitator/ Participants

(Participants will)






Coordinators from stakeholder organization

  • Define indicators to monitor progress.
  • Outline a monitoring and evaluation plan.
  • Review the progress of the action plan.
  • Redefine, if necessary, the action plan.


  • Computer and Projector
  • PowerPoint presentation with editable templates.


3 hours

action plan, indicators, evaluation, redefinition.

  1. The facilitator summarizes the aim and the objective of the consortium and the work done so far.
  2. Next, brainstorming is used to establish indicators that track the progress of the program and define how successful program activities have been at achieving program objectives.
  3. To facilitate the process the facilitator provides some examples of indicators:
    • Number of activities held.
    • Number of outreach activities conducted at child-friendly locations
    • Percent of children reached.
    • Children’s satisfaction.
    • Number and percent of community providers offering services related to Children Right engaged in the process.

A discussion is then used to optimize and finalize the indicators.

  1. After creating monitoring indicators, a discussion is used to decide on methods for gathering data and how often various data will be recorded to track indicators. The source of monitoring data depends largely on what each indicator is trying to measure.
  2. Participants then decide  (a) Who will be responsible for collecting the data for each indicator(b)Who will compile and analyze data and fill in reports (c) How often will data for each indicator be collected? Roles are assigned with input from all team members.
  1. The facilitator asks participants to consider the following:
    • How will data be used to inform staff and stakeholders about the success and progress of the program?
    • How will it be used to help make modifications and course corrections, as necessary?
    • How will the data be used to make program practices more effective?
  1. A discussion is used to define plans and methods for internal dissemination among the program team, as well as wider dissemination among stakeholders and sponsors (if there are any). Responsibilities are allocated to promoters and stakeholders.3. The meeting is concluded by setting the next follow up meeting to review the evaluation of the program based on the information that will be collected  and make all necessary adjustments.

Watch this video from #SELFIEPTKMOOC to find out more about how to evaluate an action plan